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Nominate Your Favorite Athlete For Old Dutch Athlete Of The Week10/12/2013
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Congrats To Marshall's Megan Vogl, Old Dutch Athlete Of The Week10/9/2013
Megan Vogl is a senior member of the boys soccer team at Marshall (which does not have a girls soccer team) and she also is a team captain. She is a great contributor for the Tigers and holds her own with any boy on any team.

Megan was instrumental as the Tigers defeated Southwest Minnesota Christian 3-2 in the final regular-season game. Megan scored two goals for her team and finished the season as the Tigers’ second-leading scorer.

She is a role model when it comes to work ethic on and off the field. She is well respected by her teachers, has a GPA of 3.6 and has completed college-level courses. She was selected last year as Marshall’s female representative for the MSHSL ExCEL award, which recognizes juniors who are active in school, show good leadership and are involved within the community. Megan also is a member of the Marshall Tiger Activities Leadership Academy, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, referees youth soccer and is a volunteer assistant hockey coach for young players.

Congratulations to Megan Vogl for being this week's Old Dutch High School Athlete of the week!
Northfield's Lace For The Cure A Huge Success10/7/2013
Sportsmanship and selflessness were in abundance last week when Northfield High School held its annual "Lace For The Cure" soccer games. The Raiders met the girls and boys team from Chaska, and here is a follow-up note from Northfield girls coach Troy Cohrs to Chaska High School...

From: Troy Cohrs
Northfield High School

An open letter to Chaska High School:

Greetings. I am writing this letter to say thank you to all the Chaska High School coaches, administrators and athletes who helped make our fundraiser for breast cancer awareness a success in so many ways.

I am the girl’s varsity soccer coach and a few years ago my team accepted my challenge to make our team about something other than sports. I had an idea to raise money to fight breast cancer and my girls took the suggestion and ran with it. We eventually settled on what would come to be called “LACE FOR THE CURE.”

Each year we invite the school competing against us on the day designated as the “LACE FOR THE CURE” game to join us in our efforts. We try to make it simple for these schools. We extended the invitation to Pat Prindle and Chaska boys and girls soccer teams. The result was unexpected and overwhelming. Not only did Chaska participate in the usual sense and purchase shoe laces, they also got off the bus wearing pink t-shirts that said Chaska supports Lace for the Cure. I have to admit my girls were taken aback by the gesture, as was I. It was yet another reminder that what we are doing matters and to see that type of camaraderie during the evening was moving. The other result, the one I had not looked for, was the positive sense of cooperation that was achieved. I think I can honestly say that in the soccer game that kicked off our event, the atmosphere created by both teams and the fans was such that it would not have mattered who won the game. My girls still talk about the night only in terms of the good that was achieved and the feeling of being united for one cause. To know that the Chaska teams took the extra time to most likely purchase and design t-shirts speaks directly to their character. I was proud to share the field with them. We took an amazing photo of all four teams together in their shirts, and as my AD has said, it was hard to see where one school’s team ended and the others’ began.

Please accept my sincere thank you. Chaska’s cooperation was amazing. I know it took coaches, athletes, parents, secretaries, the AD and administration to make this work and I cannot say thank you often enough. Together you helped make it possible for us to raise $4,000 in just over one week. These proceeds will all go to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Perhaps more important than the money raised was the real learning that took place over the course of the event and inside two school districts. This partnership was powerful for all involved. Thank you again for all you contributed.

Troy Cohrs
Girls soccer coach
Northfield High School
Nominate Your Favorite Athlete For Old Dutch Athlete Of The Week10/6/2013
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Dassel-Cokato's Luke Nelson Returns To His Teammates10/5/2013
Here's an emotional update about injured Dassel-Cokato football player Luke Nelson, posted on his CaringBridge site after Luke returned to his football teammates for the first time since suffering a serious head injury ...

Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200,,,,

That's kind of what it felt like. Luke got and 8 hour pass from the hospital tonight to attend the last home football game at DC. Greg and I drove him home, where we met Isaac. And, Isaac and Brett brought Luke out at 6:00 to meet the team on the field. Four weeks later, Luke stood on the field again with his team.

As Greg and I drove into the parking lot and saw the stadium, tears filled my eyes. As we sat in the stands and looked at Luke stanidng on the sidelines wearing his 43 sweatshirt standing to the National Anthem and greeting the seniors as they were introduced, tears filled our eyes. As people greeted us with hugs, tears filled our eyes.

As good as it was to see him there, to see friends, and to be back to normal, if only for a short time,it brought back many emotions. And, as much as he enjoyed seeing everyone, he was very tired. But, he made it through the whole game. I have to admit, my mind wasn't on the game. I was wondering how Luke was doing the whole time, but he was determined to make it.

It wasn't easy for Luke to drive back to the hospital after the game, but we are almost there...almost done with this leg of the journey.

Luke had an ultrasound today before we left to check on the blood clot. We should hear results of that tomorrow. Also, we should hear results of blood work that was done today. Luke has been taken off of three of his medications. He has started the oral antibiotic tonight and continues to take shots in the stomach for his blood thinner. Tonight he sleeps in the hospital bed with no IV in his arm, no wires, no tubes of any kind. We won't hear the hum or alarm of any machine during the night. Only the rain drops hitting the window. Our lungs full of the fresh air of the evening.

I am proud to be part of this community. Proud that I live among such caring and loving people. Grateful for the love shown to Luke and our family. You are truly inspiring. You have hurt with us, loved us, prayed for us, supported us, laughed with us. And, the most amazing thing is, this community reaches beyond Dassel and Cokato. I read messages from all over.

Hopefully our stay at the hospital will be a short one. It was good to be home for a while. Good to be among friends.

Sleep well tonight, friends. We are almost there.