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Forest Lake Senior Hayden Lane, Take a Bow10/7/2010
Forest Lake activities director Joel Olson has gotten back to me with the name of the student who helped rescue some folks from an overturned vehicle earlier this week.

His name is Hayden Lane, and Hayden deserves our praise. Here's another look at the email sent by Joel earlier in the day ...


One of our football captains was on his way to school on Tuesday when he witnessed a very serious car accident. One car t-boned another and the car that was t-boned ended up spinning around and catching a wheel on the curb causing it to tip on its roof. Inside was a mom and I believe two children in car seats. Without concern for his own safety, he ran to the car and began to pry open the doors to get the family out. With the help of other good Samaritans, they were able to get the family to safety.

I am very proud of this young man and wanted you to know about another example of Minnesota's outstanding kids.

Joel Olson
Activities Director
Forest Lake High School
Park High School Announces Hall of Famers10/6/2010
This news comes to us from Park High School in Cottage Grove ...

Park High School is honored to announce the sixth class for induction in the Park High School Hall of Fame. These alumni are being recognized for this prestigious award because of their athletic excellence while representing Park High School. The coaches and community members are being honored for their commitment to the youth in our community and their dedication and support of Park athletics. The following are the individuals selected into the 2010 Hall of Fame:

Luke Appert (Class of ‘99): Luke was an all-state alpine skier as a sophomore and earned all-state honors in baseball his junior and senior years. He played baseball for the University of Minnesota, and was twice named Big Ten Player of the Year. He was drafted by the Oakland A’s and named Player of the Decade for the Gophers in 2010.

Michelle (Nelson) LeBow (Class of ‘87): Michelle was a 12-time letter winner in cross country, Nordic skiing and track. She earned All-State honors in track and went on to compete for St. Cloud State. She holds six school records at St. Cloud State and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2009.

Anton Modrynski (Class of ‘52): Tony played football, basketball, baseball, and tennis while at Park, earning a total of 12 letters. He played on Park’s first tennis team ever in 1950, and was a pitcher and catcher in baseball, leading his team to a 26-9 record over three years.

Patrick Waldner (Class of ‘46): “Bruno” participated in football, basketball, baseball, and track while at Park. He played football at Hamline and was inducted into their Hall of Fame. He went on to coach football at the high school, college, and professional levels and is also a member of the Minnesota Football Coaches Hall of Fame.

Charlie Whitbred (Class of ‘68/Coach): “Whit” is a Park legend, both as an athlete and as a coach. He was one of the greatest athletes in the history of Park, and went on to serve as a head coach in soccer, hockey, and softball. He coached softball at the school for 29 years, and during that time he compiled a record of 525 wins and 165 losses, which is the most wins ever by any Class AAA coach in the state.

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. at Mississippi Dunes on Grey Cloud Island. For ticket information, call Activities Director Phil Kuemmel at 651/768-5720. Once again, congratulations to this year’s inductees. We look forward to honoring them in November.
Board of Directors To Consider Zero Week For Football10/6/2010
The MSHSL Board of Directors will hold its October meeting Thursday at MSHSL headquarters in Brooklyn Center, and a possible change in the structure of the football season is on the agenda.

The board has previously discussed the addition of a Zero Week in football, which would allow teams to play their first game one week earlier than the traditional starting date. A task force has explored the Zero Week concept, and it has also been explained to school administrators statewide during the recent MSHSL area meetings.

Zero Week for football is listed as an Action Item on Thursday’s agenda. The board could vote to add a Zero Week (which would take effect in 2011), could vote down the addition of a Zero Week or make no decision.

Under the proposal, teams with football scheduling problems would have to receive MSHSL approval before scheduling a Zero Week game. Teams that played in Zero Week would begin practice one week earlier than normal and would take a week off from football practice (other than conditioning, weight lifting and other non-football-specific workouts) later in the season.

Here’s an example of how Zero Week might help teams: If Team A cannot find an opponent during Week 4 of the regular season and Team B cannot find an opponent during Week 5, they could agree to play each other during Zero Week.

The board meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. Thursday. Check back here for updates during the meeting.
The Daily Cookie Report ...10/5/2010
Hello from Brooklyn Park. Specifically, the John’s Journal staff has unloaded the bus and all the production vehicles at Edinburgh USA golf course, where the final fall area meeting is underway. This is stop No. 8 on the Magical Mystery Area Meeting Tour. We are in a ballroom at Edinburgh, and returning to a major topic from Monday’s report out of Rochester, let’s talk about cookies.

Here is an excerpt: “ … the cookies and coffee are going fast. If any cookies are left by the time the meeting ends, I will eat as many as I can during the ride back to the Twin Cities.”

This little statement resulted in a landslide of email responses … a landslide being two emails on the subject of cookies.

Email No. 1: “I was wondering why Dave doesn’t bring us back cookies any more from the Area Meetings.”

This was sent from an anonymous cookie lover at MSHSL World Headquarters, and it referred to Dave Stead not bringing leftover cookies back to the office from area meetings. The inference was that the John’s Journal staff was eating all the cookies. Truth in Cookies Fact: I ate as many as I could, but Dave was still able to cart a whole bunch of cookies back to World Headquarters.

Email No. 2: “I am planning on attending Tuesday's Area Meeting and hearing how the Student SID program is progressing. A word to the wise, you better get your cookies early!”

I will not identify the author of this email other than to say he or she is an administrator who is capable of composing and sending emails. When said person entered the meeting room at Edinburgh this morning, he or she grabbed my arm and said, “Where are the cookies?”

I broke the news: We have been provided with muffins instead of cookies. This is disappointing, since everybody knows that cookies are for breakfast and muffins are for lunch.

But the meeting continues (that's the meeting in the photo) and we are soldiering on …

Enjoy your Tuesday.
47 Undefeated Football Teams ... But Not For Long10/5/2010
The following has been posted on the MSHSL Facebook page, kicking off a little discussion ... feel free to join in!

There are 47 unbeaten football teams in Minnesota as we enter Week 6. Three games this week pit 5-0 vs. 5-0: Becker at Rogers in Class 4A, and Spring Grove at Grand Meadow and Floodwood at McGregor in Nine-Man. What's the big game in your area?