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Travel Policy: Further Explanation4/12/2010
Here’s some further clarification on the changes to the MSHSL travel policy that were approved at today’s board of directors meeting. There is some confusion about the “600-mile limit” and just what the situation looks like as we move forward.

GAMES: For games, the 600-mile limit remains in place. Teams are still allowed to play games anywhere in the states and provinces that border Minnesota, but any other destinations for games must be round trips of 600 miles or less.

SCRIMMAGES/JAMBOREES/ Teams can travel anywhere they wish for scrimmages and jamborees. However, they are limited to a maximum of three scrimmages or two scrimmages and one jamboree while on each trip. For example, if a Minnesota high school baseball team travels to Florida over spring break, that team can hold scrimmages on no more than three calendar dates. No official games can be played under this circumstance.

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Chaska Names Boys' Hockey Coach4/10/2010
Here is a press release from Chaska High School athletic/activities director Troy Stein...

I am excited to announce that Chaska High School has hired Mike Johnson to be our new head boys hockey coach.

Mike grew up in Minnetonka and played college hockey at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst from 1998 to 2002. He then signed with the Greensboro Generals until an injury forced his retirement. He has served on the Minnetonka Youth Hockey Development Committee, collegiate scout and Bantam A head coach at Minnetonka in recent years.
Coaching News And a Personal Plug4/8/2010
We’ve got some coaching news today from one of the state’s newest high schools, but first let me put in a plug for something that will happen on Friday in St. Cloud.

The Minnesota Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association is holding its annual conference today through Saturday in St. Cloud, and I have been invited to take part in a workshop session titled “Teaching Coaches to Work with the Media.”

We’ll talk about lots of issues and ways in which coaches and the media can work together. Statistics, interview procedures, trust … we’ll hopefully cover a whole bunch of ground. We’ll have two sessions, and I look forward to seeing a room filled with administrators.

Now, on to some coaching news. Here’s a press release from East Ridge High School in Woodbury…

East Ridge High School is proud to announce that Mike Pendino has been hired as head football coach. Mike brings more than 25 years of coaching experience and educational leadership to the Raptors. He served as a collegiate level assistant coach for 15 years, including six years at the University of Minnesota. He was also the head football coach and a business education teacher at the Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield for eight years.

During his tenure, Holy Angels won two conference titles and advanced to two state tournaments. Mike was instrumental in the development of future collegiate and professional players that included Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. (Arizona Cardinals) and John Stocco (University of Wisconsin).

Most recently, Mike served as assistant coach/offensive coordinator at East Ridge in the inaugural 2009 season. He is also director of security on campus. Mike is described by colleagues and students as passionate, organized, and a great motivator.

A meet-and-greet event with coach Pendino will be held on Thursday, April 29, at 6:30 p.m. at East Ridge High School. Refreshments will be served, and details about the summer calendar will be discussed.

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Facebook and Twitter; Get Connected4/8/2010
If you haven’t joined the MSHSL on Facebook or Twitter, now’s the time.

On Facebook, simply search for “MSHSL” and become a fan. We post news and other updates on Facebook, which is a great way to keep in touch with what’s happening with the MSHSL and schools around the state.

On Twitter, my home base is MSHSLjohn. I post all manner of things on Twitter… in 140 words or less. It’s an art form.

If you have news from your school that you’d like to share with others around Minnesota and the universe, send me an email (the address is at the top of this post) and I’ll act as town crier.

Have a great day.

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Inside the MSHSL: Sports Medicine4/7/2010
It’s amazing how much activity there is here at MSHSL World Headquarters. I sat in on another interesting gathering this morning as I continue to learn more and more about the administration of high school activities in Minnesota.

If you’re thinking that these programs take place with little behind them other than whistles and scoreboards, think again buckaroo. So much happens behind the scenes in order to provide the best possible experiences for student-athletes, and safety is a big part of it.

Which takes us to this morning’s meeting of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee. The committee includes physicians, athletic trainers and coaches; the medical professionals’ affiliations include the Mayo Clinic, the University of Minnesota and St. Cloud State University. The committee is chaired by Dr. William O. Roberts from the University of Minnesota.

As with Tuesday’s region secretaries meeting, the agenda for the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee was full. The topics ranged from the MSHSL "Anyone Can Save a Life" program to injury surveillance to pre-participation physical exams and beyond.

Each committee member began the meeting with a large packet of information in front of them, and the committee paid full attention to every item on the agenda. It was an impressive process to watch.

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