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Board Meeting Update...10:50 A.M.4/12/2010
The board meeting is moving along, with the normal flow of reports from board members, legal counsel, lobbyist, executive director and executive committee.

Minneapolis Patrick Henry athletic director Dave Wicker, along with a parent from Minneapolis Southwest, spoke to the board early in the meeting about the travel policy.

The policy limits out-of-state travel to round trips of no more than 600 miles unless sanctioned by the MSHSL.

In a few minutes, the travel policy will be discussed by board members as the meeting reaches the “action items” portion of the agenda.

*The board just approved a request from Wayzata High School to play a home football game this fall against a Florida team that is not a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association.

11:55 Update: Travel Policy Changed 4/12/2010
After a lengthy discussion of the travel policy, centering on a proposal to make it a local issue and leave travel decisions for scrimmages and jamborees up to individual school boards, the board of directors approved the proposal.

This, in essence, makes travel a local issue, as it was before the MSHSL board of directors placed the 600-mile limit on schools last year.

The proposal, which was presented by Osseo athletic director Ray Kirch, says a series of steps are required for teams to travel. They include, but may not be limited to 1) a school board resolution approving travel for a team; 2) a copy of the itinerary; 3) a cost accounting of how the funds will be received by the school and the anticipated expenditure of funds by the school; 4) the manner in which the school will comply with Title IX relative to team travel for each gender; and 5) other items that may be requested by the MSHSL Board of Directors.

*The board also approved a contract with the Twins to hold the 2010 state championship baseball games at Target Field.

The meeting rolls on...

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An Important Final Note4/12/2010
The MSHSL board of directors heard presentations on possible – repeat, possible – changes to the boys’ and girls’ state basketball tournaments and the format for regular-season football scheduling.

In both cases, the studies are very, very preliminary. The basketball discussions center around what is called a “super regional” concept and corresponding changes to the state tournament scheduling format.

The football discussions deal with scheduling issues as most surrounding states play in-state games only and schools have a harder time finding opponents. No changes are imminent on either issue.

Final Note: One of the highlights of today’s meeting was the very first item on the agenda. Each meeting begins with a board member offering a “reflection,” and Osseo athletic director Ray Kirch had that duty this morning. He spoke about professional baseball scouts watching one pitcher during a recent game but ignoring every other player on the field. He referred to the scouts’ job as choosing between the haves and the have-nots. And, he added, people associated with high school activities in Minnesota do not have to make those kinds of decisions, because – thankfully -- there is room for everybody.

The meeting has adjourned.

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Travel Policy: Further Explanation4/12/2010
Here’s some further clarification on the changes to the MSHSL travel policy that were approved at today’s board of directors meeting. There is some confusion about the “600-mile limit” and just what the situation looks like as we move forward.

GAMES: For games, the 600-mile limit remains in place. Teams are still allowed to play games anywhere in the states and provinces that border Minnesota, but any other destinations for games must be round trips of 600 miles or less.

SCRIMMAGES/JAMBOREES/ Teams can travel anywhere they wish for scrimmages and jamborees. However, they are limited to a maximum of three scrimmages or two scrimmages and one jamboree while on each trip. For example, if a Minnesota high school baseball team travels to Florida over spring break, that team can hold scrimmages on no more than three calendar dates. No official games can be played under this circumstance.

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Chaska Names Boys' Hockey Coach4/10/2010
Here is a press release from Chaska High School athletic/activities director Troy Stein...

I am excited to announce that Chaska High School has hired Mike Johnson to be our new head boys hockey coach.

Mike grew up in Minnetonka and played college hockey at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst from 1998 to 2002. He then signed with the Greensboro Generals until an injury forced his retirement. He has served on the Minnetonka Youth Hockey Development Committee, collegiate scout and Bantam A head coach at Minnetonka in recent years.