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Triple "A"
Academics, Arts, and Athletics Award
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I.Purpose of Program
  • to recognize and honor high school seniors who have excelled in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the fine arts.
  • to elevate academic standards and create greater awareness of League-sponsored activities and their values.
  • to provide member schools of the League with the opportunity to participate in a statewide program that supports, promotes, and recognizes academic and extra-curricular achievements.
    II.Nomination Criteria
    To be eligible for the Academics, Arts, and Athletics Award a student must:
  • be a high school senior at the time of nomination. Nominations are limited to two qualifying students per school, one male and one female.
  • have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the date of nomination.
  • participate in League-sponsored athletics and fine arts activities.
  • comply with the MSHSL's Student Code of Conduct.
  • complete the application form and submit it to the administrative region secretary by the second Monday in January or a date specified by the region committee.
    III.Selection Process
    Triple "A" Award recipients are selected through a multi-level process involving member schools of the League, the League’s administrative regions, and a special committee of educators, business leaders, and members from the fine arts and athletic communities.
    IV.Triple "A" Recognition Ceremony
    The Triple “A” Award On-Court Recognition Ceremony will be held in conjunction with the Boys' State Basketball Tournament in March. The top two award finishers from each region will be invited to the banquet. League officials will announce the four Triple “A” Award recipients at the banquet. Award recipients—a girl and a boy from both a Class A and a Class AA school—will receive a four-year $1,000 scholarship.
    V.Questions & Answers
    Q.Who is an “ideal” Triple “A” student?
    A.While all schools have many deserving students, the "ideal" student is one who has achieved academic excellence and, at the same time, put forth the time and effort to participate in a League-sponsored athletic program and a fine arts activity. Each school shall use its best efforts to ensure that racial/ethnic group members are given equal consideration for this award program.
    Q.How should a school select its nominees?
    A.The minimum nomination criteria must be met and nominees must have outstanding GPAs; participate in a League-sponsored athletic program and a fine arts activity at some time during their high school career. Each individual school can determine the process used to "screen" nominees at the local level. A review of the selection criteria for region committees will be extremely valuable as schools identify their Triple "A" students.
    Q.How will the selection committee determine Triple “A” Award winners?
    A.The selection committee will evaluate each Triple “A” nominee based on:
  • classroom performance
  • involvement in League-sponsored athletic programs
  • involvement in fine arts activities
  • Q.What is the definition of League-sponsored athletic program?
    A.Any League-sponsored athletic program including badminton, baseball, basketball, cross country running, dance – competitive (winter season), football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, diving, lacrosse, synchronized swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, wrestling, and adapted soccer, bowling, floor hockey, and softball.
    Q.What is the definition of fine arts activities?
    A.Any involvement in MSHSL fine arts activities such as instrumental/vocal music, debate, speech, one act play or visual arts.
    Q.Are cheerleaders, dance team members and students in adapted athletics eligible for this award?
    A.Yes, all of the above are eligible for the Triple “A” Award. However, cheerleaders and performance dance team members (fall season) must participate in an athletic and fine arts activity. Students involved in adapted athletics must be making progress in their individual programs at the expected rate. They must also participate in a fine arts activity.
    Q.When will the League announce the four award winners?
    A.The Triple "A" winners will be announced at the Triple “A” banquet which will be held in conjunction with the Boys' State Basketball Tournament in March.
    Q. Who will be invited to the awards banquet?
    A.The League plans to invite:
  • students and parents
  • school representatives
  • regions secretaries
  • selection committee members
  • program sponsors
  • League officials

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