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FAIR School        (0-0-0)
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2020 Baseball

Activity Administration:

Online Rules Meetings and Officials Exam begin: The week of March 9, 2020 and must be Completed By: March 25, 2020

Start of Practice: March 16, 2020 (Teams MAY practice for up to five additional days beginning on March 9. These five days may be used for conditioning arms and overall physical conditioning, and must be conducted using only baseballs, gloves, and catcher's equipment. See Bylaw 504.)

Maximum number of Contests: 20


Varsity Roster
No roster has been entered
No games have been entered

Head Coach:
Joseph Shallenberger
Assistant Coach:
A Ben Sonquistr
A Pat Huth
B Joe Tanner

State Tournament

Section 5AA Tournament
May 21, 26, 27, 28, 2020
  • Brackets

    Minneapolis City Standings
    Minneapolis Southwest 11-0-0
    Minneapolis Washburn 6-4-1
    Minneapolis North Community H.S. 0-7-1
    Minneapolis Edison 0-0-0
    Minneapolis South 0-0-0
    Minneapolis Roosevelt 0-0-0
    Minneapolis Patrick Henry/FAIR 0-0-0
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