MSHSL Wrestling Weight Certification Information

For the Wrestling season the MSHSL will continue to use the same weight certification process as was used last year, with one addition.

Consistent with last year the process will include the establishment of a minimum wrestling weight at 7% body weight using skinfold measurements or water displacement.

The addition this year requires all student-athletes who are determined to be below 7% body fat at the time of weight certification to verify they are properly hydrated.  These athletes will submit a sample of urine to the skinfold technician who will then determine the hydration via a refractometer or a dip stick.  The urine specific gravity must be 1.025 or less.  The hydration test must be conducted by the certified skinfold technician.

The Process:

Questions and Answers

Q.    Who can conduct the hydration test?
A.    The skinfold technician must conduct the hydration test.

Q.    When is the hydration test conducted?
A.    The hydration test must be immediately conducted when the weight certification process determines the wrestler does not meet 7% body fat.

Q.    What happens if I don’t meet 7% body fat and the hydration test shows that I am not properly hydrated?
A.    You will then be certified to wrestle at the next weight.

Q.   What supplies are needed to perform the hydration test?
A.    A refractometer can be used to determine the specific gravity, or hydration test strips can be used.  If the hydration test strips are used then a urine sample must be collected.  For the collection a disposable cup can be used.

Q.    When the wrestler is asked to provide a urine sample should he be supervised?
A.    It is recommended that the skinfold technician accompany the athlete to ensure the sample is authentic.

Q.    Where can I purchase the hydration dip sticks and what is the cost?
A.    The strips, called “Hydratrend”, can be purchased by UriDynamics.  The price is around $25.00 for 50 strips.  OR;

Northwestern Chiropractic bookstore sells strips for "Specific Gravity" test.  They are a multi strip used for many other tests but can be used for the weight certification test as well.  The cost is about $70 for 100 strips.

Revised 11/30/06