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Advisory Committee Recommendation to the MSHSL Board of Directors
This form is for current Advisory Committee members only.
May 25, 2020
Committee Members:
The Advisory Committee will not be submitting any recommendations this year.


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Agenda recommendations for a change to the current rules and policies.

Minnesota State High School League Advisory Committee

Note:  Please be advised that the role of the committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Minnesota State High School League Board. The Board accepts the following committee recommendations as advisory and reserves the authority and responsibility to make the final decision. The Board will consider the impact of the recommendation on the activity, tournament, school, student and the cost to implement.

This form must be completed in full before your recommendation will be forwarded to the Activity Advisory Committee.

Current Rule/Policy: (State the rule/policy as it appears in the current Rules and Policies Manual.

Submit your proposed change to the above-stated rule/policy:

Identify your rationale for the proposed change:

Cite an example of how the proposed change would affect this activity:

How does your proposal impact:

a. the tournament administration:

b. the change in competition time needed to accommodate your recommendation:

c. the number of competitors:

d. the facilities needed to accommodate your recommendation:

e. the number of awards:

f. other items which should be considered regarding the above-stated proposal:

Submitted by:
Telephone Number:

Please re-submit this form as necessary. Each agenda item must be submitted on a separate form.


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